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Live events or digital streaming...

Access all your ticketing and digital streaming analytics in one platform. 

The future of the live event business will require a hybrid of digital streaming and live event ticketing.  AnalytixLive is the only platform that allows you to access and combine all your revenue, forecast and video engagement data in a single collaborative, interactive data-driven decision hub.

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Proven solutions for decision makers.

Analysis that quickly answers your everyday questions.


MULTI-PLATFORM video analytics with integrated revenue data


SOPHISTICATED dynamic pricing analytics


TRANSPARENT historical pricing analysis


PREDICTIVE budgeting based on artistic variables


AUTOMATED analysis of direct mail response

Blend data from multiple ticketing & video datastreams including Tessitura, Ticketmaster , Brightcove, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Google Analytics

Customized revenue and ticket forecasts based on your historical data.

Use sophisticated data visualizations to gain a deep "minute by minute" understanding of viewer engagement.

Automated alerts based on data-driven parameters and activities.

Collaborate with our AnalytixLive community to develop data-driven strategies for ticket sales, viewer engagement and streaming monetization.

Automated rules driven price recommendations for all zones and events.

User commenting that adds marketing context to your dashboards.

Analyze streams based on customizable content tags for all your video assets regardless of the original data source.

Integration with your ticketing system so you can change prices with one click.


Our Clients

We have the privilege of serving individuals and organizations who are leaders in their field. Each relationship presents us with a unique opportunity to add value to a great organization. This value comes from an open and on-going collaboration that ensures that we are focused on solving their most pressing problems. All of our services have been imagined and developed as a result of questions that our clients have asked us and we appreciate the insatiable curiosity and drive that our clients bring to the table.

Contact Us

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We analyze approximately $2 billion of ticket sales data annually. 

We'd love to hear from you and have you join our community!

Anil Malhotra

+1 404-219-6847

Analytix RM, LLC

1508 Justine Way SE

Mableton, GA 30126


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