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AnalytixLive exists at the intersection of budgeting, variable pricing, dynamic pricing, artistic planning and marketing strategy. 
Our tools inform the revenue management decisions you make
every day, every week, every month and every year.

Decision Analytics Pipeline

How much valuable time do you waste wrangling data and constructing spreadsheets. We have spent a decade building a decision analytics pipeline designed specifically for the arts and culture space.


A Complete Solution for

Decision Makers

Through a 15-year collaboration with our client partners, we have developed a comprehensive solution that combines technology and consulting to help you easily and quickly get the answers you need to make real revenue management decisions.


Making in-season dynamic pricing decisions requires sophisticated analytics, interactive visualizations and collaboration. AnalytixLive fuses these key elements into one easy to use tool.


Setting your initial prices requires a transparent and sophisticated approach to analyzing historical buying patterns. AnalytixLive comes built with on-demand historical pricing, zone and scaling analysis.


Our predictive budget simulator can help you understand the demand that exists for your season based on artistic and scheduling factors so you can create a data-driven game plan.


Get automatically updated direct mail response analysis with our interactive dashboard app.  You can get household, geographic and product response analysis all in one place.


Managing revenue is also about managing supply.  We can help you understand how to structure your season so you can optimize ticket sales, revenue and your artistic mission.


All of our tools are wrapped with consulting services that ensure a full interpretation of your data and complete review of your decision options.


Our Clients

We have the privilege of serving individuals and organizations who are leaders in their field. Each relationship presents us with a unique opportunity to add value to a great organization. This value comes from an open and on-going collaboration that ensures that we are focused on solving their most pressing problems. All of our services have been imagined and developed as a result of questions that our clients have asked us and we appreciate the insatiable curiosity and drive that our clients bring to the table.

Key Features

Each feature was developed to enhance the decision making ability of our clients. 

Our client partners are an integral part of our research and development process.

Customized revenue and ticket forecasts based on your historical data.

Enhanced automated reporting that takes you beyond static data-only views.

Automatically calculate the change in forecast as a result of  your marketing activities.

Automated alerts based on data-driven parameters and activities.

User commenting that adds marketing context to your dashboards.

Customize dashboard app design to meet your business needs.

Blending multiple data sources gives you a single view of all your data.

Automated rules driven price recommendations for all zones and events.

Integration with your ticketing system so you can change prices with one click.


The Lab

Since our inception, we have been experimenting with new ideas, methods, technology and concepts. Each of these projects was borne from an obstacle that one of our clients faced.  In 2013 we worked on a project for the French Open Tennis tournament.  The technology we created from that project turned into our predictive budget simulator.  Since then many of our side projects have made their way to our clients in the form of new features and even new products. 

In 2018 & 2019 we released:

Data driven alerts

Enhanced reporting

Pacing chart comments

Automated forecast lift calculations

Automated direct mail response reporting

In 2020 we will release:

Automated price recommendations

Ticket system integration for price changes.

Dashboard level comments


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We analyze approximately $2 billion of ticket sales data annually. 

We'd love to hear from you and have you join our community!

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