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the fusion of sophisticated analytics and advanced data visualization with real world experience that takes you a step beyond dynamic pricing.


Optimizing your strategies through collaborative analytics

The combination of advanced analytics, technology and collaboration can take your organization from "Descriptive Analytics" to "Prescriptive Analytics".

The combination of advanced analytics, technology and collaboration can take your organization from "Descriptive Analytics" to "Prescriptive Analytics".

what is collaborative analytics?

Collaborative analytics is a process by which you blend the strengths of sophisticated data analysis and advanced data visualization with the real-world experiences of your team members.  

why is collaborative analytics important to data analysis & decision making?

There is a constant tug of war between those advocating for data-driven decisions and those who rely on their instincts.  The fact is that both are necessary and essential.  Proper analysis is best achieved using both numbers and interpretation.  This requires both an objective look at the data and a context born from experience.

AnalytixLive connects, processes and presents only the relevant data. By managing the data complexity, you are free to spend your time understanding the problems and formulating solutions that optimize your ticket sales.  It provides the tools to answer more complex questions using statistical models while balancing the need for an experience-based subjective interpretation of the data.

We believe that collaborative analytics gives you the best chance to make the right decisions, alter your decisions as conditions change and grow your team's understanding of their business. AnalytixLive has been designed specifically to inform the collaborative decision making process.

The right analysis delivered to the right person at the right time will help you make the right decision.

A single view that integrates PREDICTIVE MODELS, PACING forecast models with current concert analysis.

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Every decision requires a different mix of analysis and presentation.  And every person absorbs data and analysis differently.  Some people rely on their experience more than data while others rely on the data more than their experience. The challenge in day-to-day decision making is bridging the gap between the two groups to ensure that you're getting a full perspective of the situation.

AnalytixLive can meet the needs of the data-driven as well as the needs of the experience-driven.  We provide the right mix of raw data, predictive modeling, forecasting and interactive visualizations. The experience-driven can see their thoughts come alive via our customizable interactive heat maps while the data-driven can explain their perspective using our predictive modeling and forecasting output.  

AnalytixLive gives you customizable heat maps which enable you to view demand patterns from many perspectives, metrics and parameters.  We provide ticket and revenue forecasts for each event and compliment those statistical forecasts with visual sales pacing charts so you can see what the models sees.  AnalytixLive enables you to analyze the efficiency of your single ticket pricing by measuring and comparing Revenue per Available Seat and % of Gross Potential. These metrics give you the ability to make informed single ticket and subscription pricing decisions.  All of the forecasts, data and charts are exportable so that you can use them for external analysis or presentation.

All of the tools created in AnalytixLive are the result of years of experience collaborating with our clients.  AnalytixLive gives your team the best opportunity to make the right pricing decisions to optimize ticket sales and revenue.


A creative community of problem solvers

We have the privilege of serving individuals and organizations who are leaders in their field. Each relationship presents us with a unique opportunity to add value to a great organization. This value comes from an open and on-going collaboration that ensures that we are focused on solving their most pressing problems. All of our services have been imagined and developed as a result of questions that our clients have asked us and we appreciate the insatiable curiosity and drive that our clients bring to the table.

Getting a complete return on your investment

It is easy to measure the return on dynamic pricing when you increase ticket prices. But AnalytixLive can provide you with an ROI whether you are increasing prices, decreasing prices, adjusting your scaling or shifting your media strategy.

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