Collaborate and Innovate


The most precious "revenue generating" resource you have is time.  How you spend your time is correlated to how efficiently you will generate revenue.  A complex and dynamic marketplace combined with decisions that carry greater financial risk require you to spend more time understanding your data. However if you spend your time analyzing your data the wrong way or incorrectly interpreting the data then you will spend a lot of time without a lot of return.

Our decision-support solution, AnalytixLive, can manage and blend all your data sources and present you with a truthful view of your business via our apps portal. Each app is a combination of rich interactive visualizations, advanced predictive modeling or standard reports.  Your apps portal is customized to your needs and can adapt and grow as your business needs change over time.  

True and effective collaborative decision making starts with an honest view of today. AnalytixLive is a solution that will take care of everything that can distract you from making the right decision.  Without the hassle, confusion and complexity of advanced decision analysis, you and your team are free to apply your experience to constructing and executing innovative strategies.

Sophisticated On-DemandForecasting


We develop customized forecast models based on our client's historical data.  These models are update each day so you are never left with outdated forecasts.  These forecasts are delivered  via our forecast app that can be customized to give you one-click access to key statistics and charts.

Advanced Data Visualization


Our heat mapping application can process your ticketing data and present the trends within the layout of your venue.  We can map any statistic, price category or buyer segment within this very rich and interactive visualization.  Like all of our apps, we can customize this tool to answer any ticketing problem.

user friendly predictive modeling


The whole idea of predictive modeling can be intimidating.  We have created an app that hides all the complexity of the analysis and presents the user only with the variables they need to consider. The model's output is delivered immediately to the user.