The Human Element in Data-Driven Decisions


Great decisions require collaboration. Collaboration is about getting truthful perspective for the decision.  Allowing your team to have an informed perspective on the decision requires that everyone understands what is really going on.

Some of your team members can absorb spreadsheets and data tables.  Others prefer charts and pictures.  Still others are capable of understanding the output and implications from your predictive models.  

Data-driven storytelling can synthesize the conclusions that you reach from each one of these sources.  Every type of analysis has strengths and weaknesses.  There are always gray areas and gaps in the data and they are not always consistent between different analyses.  A story can connect the dots and fill in the blanks so everyone can "feel" what is going on within their business.  

An honest data-driven story will not only help you understand the "what" and "why" of the past but will likely give you insight into the future ... well before the data shows anything conclusive.